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About us


is an engineering and manufacturing firm specialised in complete turnkey plants for the lime industry and has been operating in this field for eighty years.

Practically, FORINDUS, was born on 1929, with the name of "FORINDUS ENGINEERING", for the planning of every sort of industrial kiln.

They progressively specialised in planning lime kilns, coke heated and further on fuel oil, fuel oil mixed to gas, or gas heated.

In 1968 "FORINDUS" -Industrial Kilns- jointed to the co-partner "SIOM" -Società Italiana Officine Metalmeccaniche-, coupling such a way the engineering to the material construction of plant.

In 1979 FORINDUS stopped using his workshop for manufacturing his engineered plant and a new engineering company was made with the name of FORINDUS sub supplying manufacturing and erection of plants to the other workshops under his continuous supervision.

In this way we still keep on working and a great flexibility is obtained thanks to the various sub-suppliers perfectly equipped and capable to satisfy the construction requirements of the engineered plant.

We wish to point out that in 1969 FORINDUS bought UNION CARBIDE license regarding vertical lime shaft kilns in order to have a wider choice, both for engineering and construction of this kilns, installing since then 80 units of this type all around the world.

Being now expired all the UNION CARBIDE patents concerning kilns, and having improved the system and having introduced remarkable modification in order to reduce the specific consumption, FORINDUS is today capable to work in the field of the lime kilns completely on his own.

Thanks to the continuous application of the new technologies FORINDUS S.R.L., today, is the leader in the world in the use of biomass as combustible in its plants.

We want to point out that the world-wide trademark FORINDUS®, registered at the Italian Trademarks and Patent Office with the number 0001254263, is property of FORINDUS S.R.L..